Kiss me hard before you go

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This man…

Translation: Don’t waste your time and energy on the wrong light.


wake up call

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if I told the world, they would say it was my fault. that I shouldn’t have been there. that I was “asking for it”.

I will never forget that night, and will probably never get over it. every time I get reminded of that night, i regret not killing him.

"I’m tired of the naked, raped, beaten black woman body. I want to see an image of black femaleness that alters our universe."

bell hooks in conversation with Melissa Harris Perry over the representation of black women in films, like 12 Years A Slave, at the event "Black Female Voices: Who is Listening?" (via unapologeticexistence)

Yes! We need to stop victimizing ourselves! We have so much power,but you have to believe it for yourself.

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We create fantasy because, without it, reality would be unbearable.

Illustration by Kristin Kest

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